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[1/7 Series: Katekyō Hitman Reborn!]

A boss is someone who puts his life on the line for his subordinates

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Day 18: Favorite Millefiore member

that kikyo with his mermaid hair and his O-ho’s, he’s so damn fabulous~. I would’ve never expected him to be a buisnessman or whatever in other worlds, i expected him to be an actor or a male stripper or a tranny. Anyways he’s my favorite cuz he’s just cool…and he has dinosaurs…and spinosaurus…..and he does look retarted when he opens his carnage box

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Byakuran for x
Byakuran for x
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Shoichi (51) + Spanner (48) mash-up.

"Daisy has an undead body...He's a peculier man who has the problem of being unable to die."
Daisy : Sun Funeral Wreath | KHR
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KHR Meme | Nine Characters (5/9)